Wednesday, January 3, 2007 - Board of Education Organizational Meeting

Scholarship Committee,  Wayne Steiner

Athletic Board,  Pat Lorson

Policy,  Pat Lorson

Endowment Board,  Greg Roadruck

OSBA Legislative Liaison,  Sue Corfman

Finance and Audit Committee, Greg Roadruck/Sue Corfman

Negotiations, Greg Roadruck/Pat Lorson

Facilities,  Sue Corfman/Wayne Steiner

Student Liaison, Donna Smith

Wayne County Career Center, Greg Roadruck

Thursday, January 18, 2006

Dennis Curtis, Retirement, High School - 35 years, March 1, 2007

Olivia Orosz, Maternity Leave, Oak Elementary - 6th Grade, March 16, 2007

Margaret Weeman, Retirement, Maple Elementary - 30 years, May 31, 2007

Bruce Armstrong, Retirement, Psychologist - 35 years, June 30, 2007

February 15, 2007

David Handwerk, Retirement, Maple - 22 years (32 total), May 31, 2007


Matthew Harder

Elisabeth Smelser

Rachel Weaver

Jennifer Zehnder

Scott Marshall, Head Baseball Coach - Special Duty

Craig Johnson, Head Softball Coach - Special Duty

Ben Olsen, Spring Weight Lifting - .5 FTE Supplemental Duty


Kristi Fitzgerald

Karen Klaehn

Barb Kalie

Linda McHenry

Grace Gehres

Kristen Zook

Ruth Steidl

Sharon Cramer

Cheryl Rain

Beth Gant

Barbara Arnold

Next Meeting, March 15, 2007, at 6:00 p.m.

March 15, 2007



v      The February 15, 2006 Regular Board Meeting was approved.


v      An update was given on the middle school construction.


v      The following retirements/resignation were approved:  Beth Hohenberger effective June 1, 2007, Beth Gant effective June 1, 2007 and Steve McCumber effective June 30, 2007.


v      David Dunn was approved as High School Principal, under a two-year contract, effective August 1, 2007.


v      Shawna DeVoe was approved as Assistant Superintendent effective August 1, 2007, under a two-year contract.


v      Steve McCumber was approved as Director of Business Services, under a two-year 183-day contract, effective September 1, 2007.


v      Contract approvals were given as follows:  Jennifer Gravatt under a two-year contract, Beverly Waseman under a three-year contract, and Linda Tibbitts under a three-year contract.


v      Supplemental/Special Duty contracts were approved as follows:


  Andy Vernon, Asst. Boys' Track Coach, Special Duty

  Bill Radford, Asst. Girls' Track Coach, Special Duty

  Reggie Turk, JH Head Boys' Track Coach, Supplemental

  Ryan Hochstetler, JH Asst. Boys' Track Coach, Special Duty

  Barbie Arnold .5, JH Asst. Girls' Track Coach, Supplemental

  Chad Warner .5, JH Asst. Girls' Track Coach, Special Duty

  Brandon Smith, JV Baseball CoachSpecial Duty

  Brad Thomas .5, Freshmen Baseball Coach, Special Duty

  Daniel Wisard .5, Freshmen Baseball Coach, Special Duty

  Ashley Hochstetler, JV Softball Coach, Special Duty




v      The following volunteers were approved:


  Chris Bowman, Track

  Ryan Studer, Track

  Pat Lorson, Baseball

  Walt Samson, Baseball

  Mike Swerline, Softball

      Michelle Lax, Softball


v      The low bid of $194,959 was accepted for the visitor stadium bleachers from Ben D.

       Imhoff, Inc.


v      The Class of 2007 was approved for graduation on May 27, 2007.



April 19th, 2007 Meeting

The March 15, 2006 Regular Board Meeting was approved.

An update was given on the middle school construction.

The following retirement/leave were approved:David Dunn - August 1, 2007; Laurel Labbe for Maternity Leave May 11 - June 1, 2007.

Sally Markley was approved as School Psychologist under a two-year contract with 10 days extended time.

The following certificated staff were given a one-year contract:

Kathleen Kroll-Byron
Jennifer Slaydon
Donna Ellis
Christine Snyder
Jennifer Howell
Chrystal Tate
Kerri Horst
Tim Vierheller - .125
Karen Klaehn
Sue Weber
Sue Link
Jerry Witmer - part-time
Kristen Zook

Under two-year contracts, the following staff were approved:

Olivia Orosz
Donald Short
Sylvester Slaughter

Approvals were given for three-year contracts to the following certificated staff:

Amy Emler
Jackie Krajcik

Continuing contracts were approved for the following:

Jason Ayres
Jodi Rice
Tammi Booth
Kay Shue

As-needed basis tutors, with hours to be determined, were approved as follows:

Amy Ault-pending certification before 8/21/07
Lisa Arnold -pending certification before 8/21/07
Julie Baer -pending certification before 8/21/07
Grace Gehres
Sarah Hamsher-pending certification before 8/21/07
Lisa Henderson-pending certification before 8/21/07
Cheryl Weltlich

Non-renewed federally-funded certificated employees as follows:

Carol Lantz
Joyce Platek
Jill Lonier
Deb Steiner
Susan Weaver

Non-renewed federally-funded classified employee as follows:

Charlotte Shoup

The following certificated substitutes were approved pending proper certification before 8/21/07:

Jim Ashford
Verni Nerren
David Baldwin
Brandon Nolin
Wilma Cheatham
Stephanie Nussbaum
Leroy Curtis
Terry Peters
Jane Dolezal
Michele Puglisi
Rhonda Edgerton
LaVera Ressler
Heather Evert
P. Eugene Richard
Gregory Ferrara
Carolyn Roadruck
Jessica Goff
Jennifer Sayre
Rebecca Grimm
Dwight Simms
Florence Habermann
Elisabeth Smelser
Hannah Heimberger
Lisa Smith
Matthew Harder
Elizabeth Stoll
Ashley Hochstetler
Gregory Via
Sherri Horton
Rachel Weaver
Linda Jaquet
Teresa West
Brian King
Michele Wilson
Mark Kraker
Beth Woodward
Lindsey Largent
Vickie Woolridge
James Linn
Brandy Workinger
Dianne Morrison
Jennifer Zehnder
Kathy Murray

Co-Curricular Supplemental/Special Duty/Volunteer Contracts were approved:

Doug Davault, Head Varsity Football Coach
Jason Ayres, Asst. Varsity Football Coach - .75
Sly Slaughter, Asst. Varsity Football Coach
Tyrone Mosley, Asst. Varsity Football Coach
Kelly Handwerk, Asst. Varsity Football Coach - .75
Jason Haley, Asst. Varsity Football Coach - .75
Jim McGrew, Asst. Varsity Football Coach - .75
Vaughn Schrock, Asst. Varsity Football Coach
Ben Olsen, JH Head Football Coach - 8th
Jack Leeder, JH Head Football Coach - 7th - .75
Darrin Johnston, JH Head Football Coach - 7th - .25
Scott Marshall, JH Asst. Coach - 7th
D. Miller, Football Volunteer
B. McCully, Football Volunteer
Kristen Zook, Oak Safety Patrol
Tammy Auble, North Student Council - .5
Deb Bukovitz, North Student Council - .5
Dan Corell, Oak Student Council
Don Short, Head Basketball Coach
Dennis Hochstetler, Head Wrestling Coach
Jill Lonier, Head Cross Country Coach
Bill Radford, JH Cross Country Coach
Rob Hennell, Head Boys' Golf Coach
Steve Flack, Reserve/9th Gr. Golf Coach
Kent Smith, Head Girls' Golf Coach
Marcie Alberts, Head Girls' Basketball Coach
Diane Shanklin, Head Girls' Volleyball Coach
Sandra Davault, JH Girls' Volleyball Coach
Loretta Riley, JH Girls' Volleyball Coach
Kent Smith, Athletic Director
Denise Rehm, HS Drama Advisor - .66
Laurel Labbe, HS Musical Director
Valerie DeTray, JH Drama Director
Marcia Barchalk, FTA Advisor
Shelby Buss, Head Winter Cheerleading Coach
Chrystal Tate, Head Fall Cheerleading Coach
Deb Goudy, Asst. Fall Cheerleading Coach
Charlie Duskey, Head Soccer Coach
Dwayne Peters, Asst. Soccer Coach
Robert Shonk, Faculty Manager
Barb Bupp, Senior Class Advisor
Laurier Likens, Junior Class Advisor - .5
Amy Duxbury, HS Student Council Advisor - .5
Barb Schelcher, HS Student Council Advisor - .5
Sandy Troyer, JH Student Council Advisor
Jim Duxbury, Earth Club Advisor
Jim Mankins, FCA Advisor - .5
Kent Smith, FCA Advisor - .5
Sue Link, Renaissance Coach
Rob Hennell, Head Music Activities Advisor
Dave Tibbitts, Asst. Music Activities Advisor
Chris Jones, Fall Instrumental Music Asst.
Darla Landers, HS Academic Challenge Advisor
Loretta Riley, JH Academic Challenge Advisor
Steve Brunker, JH Audio-Visual Coordinator
Adrienne Smythe, JH Newspaper Club Advisor
Pat Warner, Language Arts Department Chairperson
Jereme Scheufler, Math Department Chairperson
Jim Duxbury, Science Department Chairperson
Lynette Marr, Social Studies Department Chairperson

Barbie Vogelhuber was approved to dispense medication at Maple Elementary.


 May 15, 2007 Meeting


v      Recognition was given to the Industrial Tech Program.


v      Linda Tibbitts gave a curriculum presentation.


v      An update was given on the new middle school.


v      The minutes of the April 19, 2007 regular Board Meeting were approved.


v      The revised FY07 Five-Year Financial Forecast was approved. 


v      A Cooperative Services Resolution for 2007-08 that supports any contracted services needed by Orrville City Schools and Tri-County Educational Service Center was approved.


v      Tom Troyer was approved to Orrville Public Library Board of Directors effective through December 31, 2013.


v      The Orrville Public Library budget was approved.


v      The following mentors were approved for their service of the 2006-07 school year:


Loretta Riley - Lead Mentor/JH         Christine Domer - JH

Jim Duxbury - HS                   Leann Diebel - Elementary


v      LPDC Committee member contracts were approved as below:


Linda Tibbitts                       Barbara Bupp

Deborah Bukovitz                     Laurie Haller

Beverly Waseman


v      Bill Peters was approved to do Summer Industrial Technology repairs.


v      The following special duty/supplemental contracts were approved:


Andy Vernon       Asst. Boys' Track Coach

Brandon Smith      JV Baseball Coach

David Baldwin      HS Music Percussion Assistant

Jerry Witmer      HS Science Olympiad


v      Extended Time/Extra Duty contracts were approved.


v      Laurier Likens' supplemental resignation as Junior Class Advisor was accepted.


v      A list of classified Secretaries, Aides, EMIS Coordinator, Alternative Challenge Program Person, Custodians, Food Service Personnel, Transportation Personnel, Supervisors, School Health Provider, and Substitutes was approved for the 2007-08 school year.


v      The resignation, for retirement purposes, of Sue Gano (bus driver) was approved effective May 31, 2007.  Also the resignation of JT Marty as Bus Supervisor was accepted effective June 1, 2007.


v      The Board of Education/Governing Board Resolution authorizing 2007-08 membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association was approved.


v      Approval was given for the School-Based Therapy Service Contract for the 2007-08 school year.


June 14, 2007 Meeting

  • The minutes of the May 17, 2007 regular Board Meeting and the June 4, 2007 Special Board were approved.

  • A modification in the FY2006-07 appropriations was approved.

  • Temporary appropriations for the 2007-08 fiscal year were approved.

  • The Resolution of Necessity for the Renewal of the Emergency Operating Levy was approved.

  • Dan Hostetler's resignation, for the purpose of retirement, was approved effective October 31, 2007.

  • Bids for bread, gas, and milk were approved for the 2007-08 school year.

  • A resolution to hire employees for special duty contracts was approved, as no qualified certificated employees have accepted the position after being advertised.

  • Contracts were awarded for property, liability, and auto insurance.

  • Phil Hatton was approved as high school principal under a two-year contract with ten days extended time.

  • Crystal Handwerk and Lisa Henderson were hired as Maple Elementary second grade teachers for the 2007-08 school year.

  • A supplemental contract was approved for Laurier Likens as freshman class advisor.

  • The following special duty contracts were approved:

Connie Dudas, Junior Class Advisor

Dave Graber, Freshman Football Coach

Julie Leathers, Majorette Advisor

Matt Seiler, Eighth Grade Asst. Football Coach

Angie Smith, JH Cheerleading Advisor

Karen Wayt, JV Asst. Volleyball Coach

  • Mary Jo Harrison and Beth Woodward were approved as substitute teachers.

  • Under a 178-day contract, Denny Curtis was approved as a high school study hall monitor.

  • Football volunteers for the 2007-08 school year were approved as follows:

John Bohlen

Dennis Curtis

Chad Hoobler

Brent Miller

Mark McCully

Tom Troyer



Thursday, August 16, 2007

  • A Middle School Project Update was given.
  • The July 27, 2007 Regular Board Meeting Minutes were approved.
  • R. B. Carbone was approved as construction manager.
  • Sue Corfman was appointed as a delegate to the OSBA Capital Conference and Donna Smith as alternate.

  • The Update Services Agreement from the Ohio School Boards Association was renewed for the purpose of providing the Policy Update Service at an annual cost of $500.

  • Under Communications, the Board accepted the resignation of Lisa Arnold as High School LD Tutor.

  • The following certificated teachers were approved:

Laurel Labbe, High School.5, vocal teacher

Lynzee Donnenwirth, High School , Intervention Specialist

Alison Ingles, High School, Spec. Ed. Resource/Tutor

  • Certificated substitute teachers were employed as follows:

Mary Starn

Jennifer Finn

Cindy Sickman

  • The following classified employee as approved for the 2007-08 school year:

Sally Hershey, Special Ed Aide, Maple Elementary

  • A Memorandum of Understanding was approved between the University of Akron and the Orrville City Schools for the purpose of dual credit.

The next Regular Board of Education Meeting will be Thursday, September 20, 2007.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

  • A Middle School Project Update was given.

  • The August 16, 2007 Regular Board Meeting Minutes were approved.

  • Appropriations for the 2007-08 school year were approved.

  • The resignation of Lynn Bradford as an aide for the purpose of retirement was approved.

  • Denise Smith was approved as part-time at a pro-rated daily rate.

  • A list of substitute teachers was approved as follows pending proper certification:

Jennifer Finn

Susan Davis

Matthew Mellott

Amber Simon

Leslie Uhl

Linda Rader

Janice Fowkes

Donna Sheehan

  • The following special duties/supplemental contracts were approved:

Laurel Labbe, HS Mixed Vocal Ensemble Supplemental

Chris Jones, HS Jazz Band DirectorSupplemental

Mekos Denson, JV Boys' BasketballSpecial Duty

Rocky Smith, Freshman Boys' BasketballSpecial Duty.

Ken Landis, JH 8th Grade Boys' BasketballSpecial Duty.

Tom Troyer, JH 7th Grade Boys' BasketballSpecial Duty

Mark Alberts, Varsity Asst. Girls' BasketballSpecial Duty

Loretta Riley, JH 8th Grade Girls' Basketball - .70Supplemental

Adrienne Smythe, JH 8th Grade Girls' Basketball - .30Supplemental

Mark Budd, Varsity Asst. WrestlingSpecial Duty

Chris Wertz, JV WrestlingSpecial Duty

Scott Marshall, Head Baseball Special Duty

Brad Thomas, Freshman Baseball - .50Special Duty

Daniel Wisard, Freshman Baseball - .50Special Duty

Craig Johnson, Head SoftballSpecial Duty

Ashley Hochstetler, JV SoftballSpecial Duty

Bill Radford, Asst. Girls' TrackSpecial Duty

Ryan Hochstetler, JH Asst. Boys' TrackSpecial Duty

Barbie Arnold, JH Asst. Girls' Track - .50Special Duty

Chad Warner, JH Asst. Girls' Track - .50Special Duty

Jack Leeder, JH Head Wrestling Special Duty

  • Deanna Domer was approved as an aide for Maple Elementary School.Deb Goudy and Andrea Dodds were approved as Saturday Detention Monitors.

  • Sue Gano, Bill Brown, Paul Moore, and Paul Shallenberger were approved as transportation substitutes.

The next Regular Board of Education Meeting will be Thursday, October 18, 2007.

Have a super weekend!